Nfinite unveils AI, AR, and Automation Innovations


The solution elevates retail experiences with complete, consistent, and immersive product imagery across the entire catalog.

Nfinite, a provider of next-generation product visualization technology for brands and retailers, announced a series of pioneering features combining Automation, AI, and AR technologies to transform the retail landscape and elevate visual image creation. The innovative capabilities of Nfinite’s SaaS platform enable retailers to meet the growing consumer demand for complete, consistent, and immersive product imagery while streamlining their operations and enhancing the shopping experience across online and offline channels.

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation, with consumers demanding richer and more accurate imagery. According to a recent Nfinite survey of over 1,000 consumers, 69% prefer lifestyle images over white backgrounds when shopping online, and 83% would return a product if it doesn’t match the online image, up from 75% last year. Meanwhile, retailers are struggling to keep up. According to Dimensional Research, 96% of retail executives report challenges with image creation.

To help retailers expand their product visual experiences, Nfinite is introducing a first-of-its-kind offering: Automated Product Detail Page (PDP) visuals enabling retailers to effortlessly develop comprehensive and cohesive visuals for their entire product catalog: encompassing product imagery from all angles, contexts and immersive 360° videos.

“By partnering with Nfinite, we have been able to establish an automated workflow, enhancing our product visuals and delivering comprehensive PDPs for our web store,” said Craig Daniels, Marketing Director at Furniture Fair. “Our PDPs now showcase imagery of each product from every angle, plus a close-up in the 360° view. Each lifestyle image enhances the experience for customers to engage with the product and envision it in their own space, which helps us drive more foot traffic to our stores and improve our overall business results.”

To further improve the product visual creation process, Nfinite is harnessing the power of AI. Nfinite’s Gen AI solution automates the production of contextual imagery without the need for traditional photography. For example, a CPG brand can seamlessly place a shampoo bottle in a variety of contextual scenes, from a sandy beach with coconuts to a leafy green rose garden. A furniture retailer can move a sofa from a cozy townhouse to a mid-century living room, showcasing the versatility of the item across a variety of different environments. These new features will help power personalized experiences for shoppers and improve speed to market for retailers and brands.

As part of its commitment to enabling retailers to elevate the shopping experience, Nfinite is also launching augmented reality (AR) enhancements, allowing consumers to interact with products directly from their smartphone camera. The popularity and value of this feature are substantiated by consumer data from Nfinite’s survey, which reveals that of shoppers, 50% said they are more likely to purchase a piece of furniture if they can visualize it in their space using the camera on their smartphone.

“Retailers face the daunting task of addressing surging demand for high-quality and precise product imagery at an expansive scale. This demand places significant pressure on their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction metrics,” said Nfinite Founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. “We’re not just navigating these challenges; we’re reshaping the entire retail landscape with groundbreaking innovation that empowers retailers to not just meet but exceed the expectations of today’s savvy consumers.”