nShift: Retail Risks Multiply with Disjointed Processes

nShift: Retail Risks Multiply with Disjointed Processes

With deliveries the “new battleground” for retail, the new nShift report calls for investment in future-ready delivery management.

According to a new report, a disjointed delivery process could prevent retailers from thriving in today’s ecommerce environment. nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, encourages retailers and warehouses to deliver a seamless end-to-end delivery process to strengthen the customer experience and streamline operations.

The new nShift report is titled “Building a delivery-management Foundation Fit for the Future.” It argues that differentiation and business growth in retail increasingly depend on deliveries. The more scalable their processes and the smoother the customer experience, the more the business will grow. By contrast, disjointed processes and “point solutions” for deliveries that do not fit together multiply the risks of failure.

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO of nShift, said: “Deliveries have emerged as the next battleground in multichannel and online retail. Consumers are demanding more from their online shopping experience. Economic pressures mean that warehouses must do more with less. Technology provides opportunities for efficiency, but the risks of disruption are significant. The retailer’s reputation will suffer if something goes wrong at any stage in the journey.

“Centering the delivery experience on a scalable delivery management system minimizes the risk of disruption as it creates a better experience for the customer. Crucially, it makes it easier for businesses to track, collate, and analyze data across the process. This helps retailers better understand their customers, minimize carbon emissions, and improve performance.”

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nShift’s enterprise-class delivery management suite includes connections to over 1000 carriers and supporting integrations with more than 450 business systems, including ERP, shopping carts, warehouse management systems, and more. It comprises:

  • Checkout – display a range of delivery options at checkout, all in the look and feel of the webshop. Clearer choices at checkout can increase conversions by 20%
  • Book – multi-carrier capability that can automatically select the right carrier for each delivery from our library of over 1000 carrier connections
  • Print – instantly print carrier labels and relevant documentation with sophisticated software that can overcome complex setups and challenges
  • Order tracking: Send regular updates to customers about their delivery status. Design those updates to reflect the retailer’s brand look and feel. Include marketing messages in the communications to turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity.
  • Returns – a fully digital returns-management process can turn up to 30% of returns-related refunds into exchanges, helping increase revenues
  • Emissions Tracker – calculate the emissions for each shipment. All carrier data is collated into one reporting tool and built into an easy-to-use template.