O’Neil Digital Solutions launches ONEsuite version 4.0


The AI-powered platform elevates customer communication and experience management to unprecedented levels.

O’Neil Digital Solutions, a provider of customer experience and communication solutions, announced the launch of ONEsuite version 4.0. This latest release provides a self-service solution for clients to transform customer engagement by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, empowering businesses to create, manage and deliver unparalleled personalized communications and experiences.

Companies that master customer satisfaction and loyalty elevate their brand above rivals, securing repeat business and cultivating a robust customer base. By prioritizing superior customer interactions, organizations can harness increased customer lifetime value and revenue growth.

ONEsuite 4.0 is an all-encompassing CCM/CX platform designed to enable client self-service in an end-to-end workflow. This solution integrates advanced AI technology, unlocking the potential for businesses to deliver seamless, engaging, and deeply personalized experiences like never before.

Mark Rosson, O’Neil’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains, “ONEsuite 4.0 empowers customers to have complete control of their entire customer communication process, including data management, AI-driven data analytics, journey orchestration, document creation, multi-channel delivery, and comprehensive reporting”. Mark notes, “The infusion of AI augments these capabilities, empowering businesses to anticipate customer needs, automate processes, and provide personalized content that drives higher engagement and satisfaction”.

O’Neil Digital Solutions’ integration of AI technology into the ONEsuite platform marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of customer communication management. By embedding practical AI use cases into their platform, the company empowers businesses to deliver exceptional, efficient, and tailored customer experiences that meet the demands of the digital era.