PhaseZero Launches Enterprise-grade GenAI Capabilities

PhaseZero Launches Enterprise-grade GenAI Capabilities

PhaseZero’s GenAI vision is to improve everyday efficiency for each step of the employee, customer, and end-user journey.

PhaseZero, a digital commerce solutions cloud platform leader, announced enterprise-grade, generative AI (GenAI) capabilities built for global manufacturing and distribution companies. The new GenAI capabilities for CxCommerce™ build on PhaseZero’s history of innovation, enabling industrial manufacturers and distributors to differentiate their businesses and sustain competitive advantage by transforming their customer, partner, and employee product sales and support experiences.

Ian Johnston, Vice-President of Operations & Marketing, Harman Heavy Vehicle Specialists, said, “PhaseZero’s new GenAI technologies will help us accelerate the growth of our digital business. Adopting these innovative solutions will enable us to better serve our customers and improve our ability to attract and retain the next generation of tech-savvy employees.”

PhaseZero’s GenAI vision is to improve everyday efficiency for each step of the employee, customer, and end-user journey. By deploying and adopting GenAI technology, manufacturers and distributors can simplify customer journeys and make them more convenient, while also improving the performance of business teams.  Recommendations and guidance improve decisions and actions that boost online sales, drive market share growth, improve customer service, and increase product and inventory performance.

At the core of PhaseZero’s GenAI capabilities lies robust privacy and security protocols that employ LLM models designed to protect company-specific data and privacy rights. The LLM model training is restricted to each tenant’s data, ensuring that the value generated over time is retained and protected for each customer.

GenAI is accelerating the transformation of digital operations for manufacturers and distributors worldwide, where fast-changing workforce and customer demographics are increasing the pressure to take action now. To sustain competitive advantage, global manufacturers must balance the need to innovate with the risks associated with adopting cutting-edge technologies. PhaseZero’s proven technology and industry eCommerce domain expertise reduces risk and enables manufacturers and distributors to quickly adopt innovative capabilities.