Power Digital Launches Creative Affinity

Power Digital Launches Creative Affinity

The Company’s Latest Investment In nova Platform Is A Proprietary Algorithm For Creative Ad Matching, Plus Enhanced Lifetime Value Prediction And Optimization.

Power Digital, a leading tech-enabled growth marketing firm, announces the launch of Creative Affinity, an advanced module within the company’s nova Intelligence platform today. Creative Affinity was designed with support from Meta and their business engineering team to connect a client’s ad creative with their first-party data, managed by Power Digital in the Nova cloud data platform, delivering a new level of ad creative analysis. This module provides a nuanced understanding of the lifetime value of customers driven by specific ad creatives.

Advertisers can now see the effectiveness of creative targeting against real, holistic audience insights that bridge the gap between creative direction and profitable growth. Instead of relying on top-of-funnel or granular insights to analyze and determine effectiveness, this module goes a layer deeper to provide brands with the instant feedback they need to iterate and optimize creative, ultimately driving a higher incremental return on ad spend. Creative has been long discussed as the new targeting, but until now there wasn’t a clear solution that eliminated guesswork around delivery.

The new module offers a detailed analysis of over 25 key performance indicators essential for advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It enables users to compare ad creatives and benchmark their performance against industry standards. At the core of Creative Affinity is a proprietary algorithm designed to match ad creatives with customers, focusing on maximizing lifetime value (LTV).

This sophisticated algorithm allows for a more precise and effective targeting strategy, differentiating it from traditional advertising tools. With this data, advertisers can ideate, test and optimize ad creatives directly connected to customer outcomes that drive incremental revenue for a brand. “Understanding how creativity impacts our customer’s lifetime value is a game changer,” said Jeff Mason, CEO at Power Digital. “It can – and will – produce an incredible amount of incremental lift for our clients.”

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In addition to lifetime value insights, Creative Affinity’s key benefits include creative comparison capabilities, vertical-specific benchmarking, creator testing and validation, and testing creative messaging to existing or new audiences. “Creative is the best lever for improving advertising effectiveness. It has a greater impact than any other lever typically associated with media buying.

Still, it has always been difficult to tie it to the individual, long-term impact that a conversion generates for the business,” said Ben Dutter, Chief Strategy Officer at Power Digital. “The ability for us to connect not just the immediate transactional value of a given creative, but also the lifetime value of that customer, has a huge impact on calculating what an effective investment level is, where to optimize, and where to focus.”