PRophet expands Platform Capabilities

PRophet expands Platform Capabilities

PRophet is the first to build and market a full suite of AI-driven tools that now span earned media, influencer marketing and news monitoring offerings. 

Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s PRophet, a Generative and predictive AI SaaS platform built by and for PR professionals, unveiled two new platform capabilities – AI-driven influencer discovery and campaign management and machine learning-based news monitoring.

PRophet Earn, Influence, and Monitor are three offerings that can work together or as standalone solutions that exponentially increase the value and accessibility of the PRophet platform to communicators and marketers alike. 

“These new tools will help agencies and brands now leverage our proprietary AI for influencer discovery and management and advanced news monitoring and analysis,” says Aaron Kwittken, Founder and CEO of PRophet, and CEO of Stagwell Marketing Cloud, Comms Tech Unit. “PRophet is the only marketing solution that combines this holistic but agile, customer-centric approach in an intuitive, measurable and affordable user experience.”

PRophet Influence

PRophet Influence is a critical tool for brands looking to leverage the $21 billion influencer marketing industry more effectively. PRophet Influence combines Generative AI, data analytics, and monitoring technology to create personalized influencer marketing programs by identifying, contracting, and collaborating with macro and micro influencers, finally empowering brands to increase awareness in a world where traditional media has been upended. PRophet Influence is powered by Koalifyed, an influencer discovery and campaign management platform currently being used by some of the world’s largest CPG brands.

PRophet Monitor

PRophet Monitor, powered by partner PeakMetrics, the machine-learning-powered media monitoring and narrative analytics platform, introduces the ability to create personalized alerts across a diversity of media channels from within the PRophet platform. Alerts can be customized based on refined search criteria, including a combination of keywords, organizations, and people, and users can then choose to receive regular email notifications to ensure they never miss a mention.

PRophet Earn

PRophet Earn builds on the existing PRophet platform, which uses a combination of AI, language processing and machine learning to generate, analyze and test new content — from pitches to social posts, blogs and biographies — to predict earned media interest, reach and sentiment. Users have access to the full suite of existing media relations tools, including Taylor, the industry’s first Generative AI writing tool, the multi-pitch tool which can generate 25 personalized pitches in under three minutes, and biography and blog generators.