Radish launches Free ChoiceView Lite for Amazon Connect


With this release, ChoiceView Lite is now available at no charge. Pro versions are also provided.

Radish Systems, a telephony software and professional services company, has launched ChoiceView for Amazon Connect, which brings visual omnichannel capabilities to Amazon contact centers.

ChoiceView adds visual interaction on phone calls, whether they’re answered by artificial intelligence-based automated systems or live agents. It allows callers to receive visual menus and visual responses while they’re talking.

ChoiceView also offers a way to create visual interactive voice response systems, visual phonebots, and visual chatbots within the Amazon Connect framework by inserting the ChoiceView lambda function in Connect contact flows.

“ChoiceView is a breakthrough for Amazon Connect users,” said Blair Pleasant, Industry Analyst and President of COMMfusion, in a statement. “It gives them an easy way to add omnichannel, voice-and-visual capabilities to their voice apps without needing complex integration or coding. It works with both automated agents and live agents in contact centers.”