RKD Group Announces Latest Leadership Moves

RKD Group Announces Latest Leadership Moves

RKD Group’s recent recognition in leadership roles is yet another example of how the company is investing in the best client experience possible.

RKD Group, a fundraising and marketing solutions provider to nonprofits in North America, announced its latest leadership moves. With these additions, RKD has strengthened its approach to purpose-driven client experience and omnichannel fundraising results.

“At our core, we are dedicated to amplifying and championing the missions of the clients we serve,” said Chris Pritcher, CEO at RKD Group. “Recognizing these three individuals is yet another example of how we are investing in the best client experience possible.”

Dawn Beall, SVP of Client Engagement, has taken on a new role in RKD’s client experience team, focused on enhancing the client’s voice throughout the client journey, from onboarding to proactive engagement and support. 

“In my six years with RKD, I can say that we have never been more equipped to propel client results forward through a full portfolio of solutions. I welcome the opportunity to represent the client’s voice so that we can deliver exceptional results,” said Beall.

Ellen Roeder has joined RKD as VP of Client Partnership, strengthening how RKD is transitioning clients from cooperative channel marketing to omnichannel donor experience.

“Donor expectations continue to rise. I’m honored to bring my experience to RKD—the only nonprofit marketing partner equipped to deliver on donors’ expectations. Our suite of solutions is built with a purpose—to advance how nonprofits connect with their donors and believers—and I’m thrilled to be a part of this firm at this moment,” said Roeder.

Brooke Sconyers joins RKD as VP of Sales Enablement. With experience in scaling how nonprofits engage enterprise service providers, Sconyers adds depth and leadership to an already stellar team.

“This team is built for this moment,” said Sconyers. “I’m proud to join an organization committed to seeing the advancement of client-first, forward-thinking solutions.”

“The time is now. RKD is boldly investing in the success of our clients, bringing proactive strategy and acceleration of growth on a level that is meant for this moment and beyond,” said Pritcher.