RTB House Unveils AI for Targeted Audience Insights

RTB House Introduces Generative AI Technology for More Precise Audience Insights

ContentGPT will better understand open internet user interest and intent to optimize results and deliver more accurate targeting for clients.

In a significant development, RTB House, a leader in digital marketing, has announced the introduction of ContentGPT. This innovative technology component is set to revolutionize how marketers understand and engage with online audiences. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) and Large Language Models (LLMs), ContentGPT provides unparalleled insights into web page readers’ specific interests and intents across the Open Internet.

A Leap Forward in Digital Marketing

Making more extensive use of publishers’ first-party data is supposed to be the main element allowing marketers to run Open Internet campaigns as effectively as before in the cookieless era. Understanding the exact interests and intents of web page readers is crucial to achieving it. Introducing deep learning algorithms like GPT and LLMs has already disrupted various digital applications, including chatbots, by facilitating a more sophisticated understanding of text. RTB House is taking this technology further by applying it to marketing, offering a degree of precision in content understanding that surpasses currently available general context-based targeting and audience classification mechanisms.

The Challenge of Scale

While no doubt applying GPT/LLM models can significantly enhance the quality of content understanding, the real challenge lies in managing the sheer scale. The Open Internet is vast, comprising billions of articles. To process this immense volume of content efficiently using LLM models demands extensive computing power. This is where RTB House’s expertise comes into play. As a pioneer and known for successfully adapting advanced deep learning algorithms for marketing purposes within the tough Real-Time-Bidding environment, RTB House has once again demonstrated its capability to harness state-of-the-art technology for practical marketing applications.

ContentGPT: Versatile and Powerful

This cutting-edge technology is poised to be a transformative tool within RTB House’s product portfolio. In its flagship performance-oriented service, ContentGPT will optimize client results. The AdLook Smart buying platform will refine the accuracy of content targeting. Furthermore, in the PrimeAudience solution, ContentGPT will improve the quality of audience segmentation.

A Vision for the Future

“Integration of GPT/LLM models into our system tremendously improves the value we can deliver for our clients, especially in the upcoming cookieless future. This innovative approach to leveraging insights from first-party publisher data will help mitigate the impact of reduced cross-domain signal availability. With ContentGPT, we are bringing to market a best-in-class solution that redefines the standards in this field,” states Robert Dyczkowski, Chief Executive Officer at RTB House.

Michael Lamb, Chief Commercial Officer at RTB House, adds: “Our vision is to become open internet marketing leaders, and ContentGPT is essential to achieve it. Ultra-accurate understanding of content across the open web is crucial for programmatic advertising, so we’re proud to ensure that brands can capitalize on this data.”