Siprocal’s Content Targeting Technology Reaches Live Sports

Siprocal's Content Targeting Technology Reaches Live Sports

By partnering with Siprocal, Causal IQ, and Circa live sports, including specific games and shoulder content, will give viewers a tailored advertising experience.

Siprocal, a cross-device growth and monetization platform working across the Americas, celebrated the success of its new content-targeting technology, and is all set to cover the sports industry. In a recent partnership with Causal IQ, a programmatic solutions provider, Siprocal’s technology reached targeted consumers for a tailored advertising experience, ensuring a max of 3 impressions per user and a 99% view-through rate.

With the rise of digital advertising, contextual targeting is leading the next frontier for the MarTech industry. This innovative technology only shows consumers content that is aligned with their interests based on their digital footprint, increasing brands’ power to connect with their target audience.

As part of this specific campaign, Causal IQ, with its client Circa Las Vegas, targeted sports viewers to promote its hotel and sportsbook. Their approach stretched across Football, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball content specifically, along with a Live Sports general set of shows. However, their challenge was in locating numerous individual partners, negotiating a variety of deals, and then understanding exactly where their ads were showing.

By partnering with Siprocal, Causal IQ, and Circa live sports, including specific games and shoulder content, to give viewers a tailored advertising experience.

Furthermore, through the execution of this strategy, Siprocal generated title-level reporting, so parties knew exactly how many impressions were shown across each deal, genre, and game. This provided seamless intelligence across genre-oriented deal ids, providing high-quality, direct-to-publisher supply available via a singular partner.

“This partnership unlocked a new value for our client,” explained Max Gideon, VP of Streaming at Siprocal. “Our technology allowed us to get so precise with our advertising that we followed consumers across their entire video consumption journey –stretching across CTV devices, something that had not yet reached the sports viewer. This is a formula with real potential for advertisers looking to expand into this niche.”

Jennifer Laing, Sr. VP of Operations at Causal IQ, adds, “We’ve seen that sports-consuming viewers tend to spend and remain more brand loyal than the average viewer, which is why our clients are interested in reaching this audience. We’ve also struggled with premium CTV sports content lacking transparency, so we were thrilled to partner with Siprocal to reach the sports content (and audience) with the additional layer of insight needed to craft a more informed and data-driven strategy.”

Implementing this type of innovative technology opens more opportunities for digital advertisers to connect with and monetize their target audience across industries.