Society Brands Acquires Clarifion and Cleanomic

Society Brands Acquires Clarifion and Cleanomic

The acquisitions perfectly align with Society Brands’ strategy of acquiring companies that don’t only sell on marketplaces, but mainly on Shopify.

Society Brands, a tech-enabled consumer products company built for and by founders, acquires two Orange County, Calif.-based brands, Clarifion and Cleanomic. The acquisitions perfectly align with Society Brands’ strategy of acquiring companies that don’t only sell on marketplaces but mostly on Shopify. Society believes having a healthy channel mix is crucial to ensure a strong relationship with the customer.

“We are projecting to see Society Brands’ growth accelerate considerably in 2024. The acquisitions of Clarifion and Cleanomic, just a month removed from partnering with Primal Life Organics, is just the beginning,” said Michael Sirpilla, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Society Brands. “We are in the best financial position since inception and are extremely bullish on the future. We’ve grown from $0 to $100 million in revenue in less than two years and, in 2024, are projecting a significant increase in profitability.”

Clarifion is an innovative, direct-to-consumer company that offers a line of air ionizers and purifiers to help consumers breathe easier. The company’s products represent the future of air ionization, HEPA filtration, and reduction of bad odors. Featuring whisper-quiet ionization technology and eco-friendly product designs, their compact size allows them to be placed in any room.

Offering convenient alternatives to everyday single-use plastic home goods, Cleanomic offers a variety of sustainable products for laundry, cleaning, kitchen, and bathroom use. Since its inception, the direct-to-consumer company has gone global with more than 100,000 customers who align with the brand’s mission for a planet-friendly home. Not only offering single products, Cleanomic has successfully marketed its products in bundle formats and on a subscription model, ensuring delivery of relevant household products every three months.

“We’re incredibly excited about our partnership with Society Brands. Their deep expertise in consumer products and proven success will be invaluable as we continue to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations,” expressed Paul Krause, CMO and Co-Founder.

“Their team has done an incredible job of building great brands. I’d like to thank the incredible people at Clarifion and Cleanomic for partnering with us at Society,” said Sirpilla. “We remain true to identifying and acquiring strong brands with a loyal consumer following that have built a thriving E-commerce revenue base. Not only are the brands perfect for our portfolio, but we are adding more than 30 talented team members due to this transaction. We will take both brands to the next level as a unified group.”

Society Brands has enjoyed significant growth as a tech-enabled E-commerce platform since its inception, building on its model of, by founders, for founders. Society Brands offers a unique business model whereby entrepreneurs obtain meaningful liquidity while tapping into Society Brands’ leadership, expertise, best practices, and other resources.