Softeon hosts First Customer Leadership Forum

Softeon hosts First Customer Leadership Forum

Softeon introduces its next-generation composability tools and warehouse management system solution updates 

Softeon, a tier-1 warehouse management system (WMS) provider focused on optimizing warehouse and fulfillment operations, welcomed over 50 of their customers to the company’s first-ever Customer Leadership Forum. Softeon executives shared company and solution expansion updates during the two-day event, which is the precursor to the 2024 Softeon Users Conference. During the event, Softeon customers shared experiences with the WMS provider’s software and learned about upcoming enhancements.

“This once-in-a-lifetime chance is what drives us. We recognize that the fulfillment landscape will be drastically different in a decade, and we are determined to shape that future,” said Jim Hoefflin, CEO of Softeon. “Our focus lies squarely on fulfillment solutions; we’re purely focused on optimizing your warehouse. We are being bold about enabling our customers to effortlessly trace the origins of their products and optimize packaging.”

During the Forum, Mark Fralick, CTO of Softeon, shared the company’s vision for composability in warehouse processes. In his presentation, he covered the concept of streaming fulfillment, which is a new view of how to integrate and orchestrate.

“We think of everything as a stream of data flowing from one operation to the next – changing forms and delivery mechanisms as it moves,” said Fralick.

Softeon is focusing on interoperability and composability to meet modern warehouse management needs. This results in greater customer choice, agility, scalability, and satisfaction.

“Not only is Softeon expanding its technical capabilities, our company is also providing additional customer support and continuous improvements to ensure the heartbeat of the supply chain is operating efficiently without interruption,” said Hoefflin. “As a company with great people and products, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the development they need to help their businesses succeed.”