Soniox Partners with Scribe

Soniox Partners with Scribe

Soniox partners with Scribe to enhance medical documentation by integrating advanced speech recognition AI. Experience increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in healthcare organizations with these technological advancements.

Soniox and Scribe have partnered to integrate Soniox’s speech recognition AI into Scribe’s platform for medical documentation.

Soniox provides useful drafts for all of Scribe’s users and can accommodate various medical specialties, accents, speakers, and recording environments.

“We are thrilled to see that our advancement in speech AI technology significantly increases the efficiency and accuracy of medical documentation, and we are seeing similar outcomes in other industries,” said Klemen Simonic, CEO of Soniox, in a statement.

“With these advancements, the productivity, profitability, and ability to care for patients have never been higher or more cost-effective for healthcare organizations,” said Mark Boyce, CEO of Scribe, in a statement.