SparkyAI! is Officially Launched For Marketers

SparkyAI! is Officially Launched For Marketers

SparkyAI!’s advanced algorithm delivers on-brand, human-sounding copy in seconds

SparkyAI!, an all-in-one AI solution created specifically for marketing teams, has been officially launched. SparkyAI! is a content ideation machine; the system was trained on marketing prompts, audience psychographics, and campaign objectives, so all content is created through the marketing lens – just input your brand’s voice, campaign goals, and target personas to instantly create strategic, cross-channel content.  

Ted Tagalakis, Founder and CEO of SparkyAI!, said, “We know most AI tools can be overwhelming for users, so we’ve built-in the marketing prompts so you don’t have to think through how to engineer the ask. Instead, you get on-brand content in just a few clicks. As an agency owner myself, I know marketers work with multiple products targeting a variety of audiences. We built SparkyAI! to help them do more with less through unlimited brand voices, personas, products, and creative briefs that can be applied to nearly any type of marketing content. All SparkyAI! content can be unified across digital campaigns, ensuring consistent, compelling, and customized messaging.”

SparkyAI! is built around the way marketers work, including UNLIMITED brand assets because we know you work with multiple products, brands, and customer segments. Just feed in your personas, products, and campaign objectives into the Brain Bank and SparkyAI!’s advanced algorithm delivers on-brand, human-sounding copy in seconds.

Each output can be customized across all digital channels with a single click of a button! Collaborate as a team within the platform to create completely integrated campaigns with customized content.