Spike unveils Magic AI

Spike unveils Magic AI

Spike, the team chat and email service, unveiled Magic AI, an AI-driven communications assistant redefining business messaging. 

By merging human creativity and artificial intelligence, Magic AI by Spike promises to help people work more efficiently and complete daily workflows faster while saving valuable time.

Dvir Ben Aroya, CEO of Spike, shares his enthusiasm about the launch, “Magic AI is more than just a step forward; it’s a giant leap toward realizing our vision of streamlining communication and productivity. This technology seamlessly blends human creativity with AI, empowering everyone to communicate and get more done with remarkable efficiency.”

New capabilities available in Spike’s Magic AI

Magic Compose: Create impeccable emails and messages in any tone, length, and format. All you need is a short prompt, and Magic Compose will do the rest.

Magic Reply: Magic Reply ensures that every reply is on-point and contextually attuned.

Magic Summaries: See complete summaries without downloading, opening, or reading the file. Save valuable time and extract content from PDF files. Whether it’s long documents, research papers, reports, or meeting notes, Magic AI can quickly analyze the content and provide you with concise and relevant summaries.

Magic AI Bot: Spike’s AI bot is your versatile all-in-one AI assistant, providing quick answers, assisting in diverse research tasks, crafting comprehensive articles, offering code solutions, and efficiently organizing data into tables.

AI Notes: Elevate your work process with AI Notes, a tool that revolutionizes writing, note taking, project planning, and management. Harness its capabilities to generate captivating blog topic ideas, effortlessly condense or enrich your notes, and craft comprehensive articles with remarkable ease.

Translations: With Magic AI, you can converse seamlessly by instantly translating your messages while preserving cultural nuances. This not only fosters better understanding but also strengthens global collaboration.