Talkdesk adds Generative AI

Talkdesk adds Generative AI

Companies can now make agents more efficient and effective with real-time generative knowledge

Talkdesk, a contact center systems provider, has integrated generative artificial intelligence within its flagship Talkdesk CX Cloud platform and Industry Experience Clouds.

Now, companies can deploy, monitor, and fine-tune genAI in their contact centers with no coding experience, eliminate inaccurate and irresponsible AI use and subsequent brand risk, and create personalized experiences for customers.

With these latest updates, companies can do the following:

  • Make agents more efficient and effective with real-time generative knowledge and automatic interaction summaries that can reduce after-call work and average handle time with Automatic Summary and Generative Knowledge Retrieval features.
  • Improve loyalty and satisfaction by automatically identifying topic and sentiment trends across every customer conversation with the Automatic Topic Discovery feature.
  • Reduce the cost of delivering great customer experiences by making it possible to automate self-service of a wider range of more complex customer conversations in a few steps with Process-Based Virtual Agent and Generative Knowledge Retrieval features.
  • Leverage AI safely and effectively with no-code tools to identify biases and inaccuracies, create guardrails, and simulate results, keeping humans in the loop to prevent potential harm or discrimination with Data Augmentation, GenAI Observability Dashboard, and GenAI Fine-tuning and Simulation features.

“About a year after its debut, genAI significantly builds upon the benefits of artificial intelligence and has already proven to be a powerful tool for businesses. But as more enterprises deploy genAI within business functions, it’s clear that more work needs to be done to ensure accuracy, responsibility, and accessibility of the technology. At Talkdesk, we’re taking a stand in the CCaaS industry to ensure that genAI within the contact center does no harm to the business or its customers, provides the right level of personalized experiences across the customer journey, and gives more businesses access to its benefits,” said Tiago Paiva, CEO and founder of Talkdesk, in a statement.