Splice Partners with Instrument

Splice Partners with Instrument

Splice and Instrument collaborated to launch a global brand campaign. 

Stagwell agency, Instrument, a multi-disciplinary creative agency redefining brands and experiences, has partnered with Splice for the brand’s first-ever global brand campaign, “Start with Sound.”

As part of the design system, Instrument implemented a curated color palette and energetic italics treatment paired with a library of eclectic textual imagery to help visualize sound and carry out a unique expression of the brand. An inclusive mood plays out across all creative assets—energetic, uplifting, and real—with diverse imagery reflecting the range of genres, labels, and influencers Splice serves. And of course, a campaign about sound required a thoughtful focus on sonic creative as well. From bespoke textural soundscapes to intricate sonic cues, Instrument made sure this campaign was a full audiovisual experience.

“Instrument is in a class of its own. The team is meticulously staffed with experts in their respective fields who come to the table ready to collaborate. They have a unique ability to honor a brand’s origins while pushing them into the future,” said Simone Stafford, Associate Creative Director, Splice. “This isn’t the first time we’ve worked with Instrument to evolve our brand, and it definitely won’t be the last. We’re obsessed.” 

“We loved working with Splice on the rebrand. To us, this felt like a natural extension of that work. While the branding gave Splice a clear and differentiated voice, this campaign gives it soul, tapping into the universal power and potential of sound to connect with audiences in a deeply emotive way,” said Jack De Caluwe, Executive Creative Director, Instrument. “Our best work at Instrument comes out of these long-term partnerships, where we can leverage our collective trust in each other and understanding of the brand to continuously push it forward. It’s a thrill to see our initial rebrand soaring to new heights.” 

“Start with Sound” builds on Instrument’s work in 2021 to rebrand Splice from a tech company talking about music, to a music company with deep roots in tech—a nuanced shift necessary to connect with a broad range of audiences, interests, and genres. In the years between the rebrand and this new campaign, Splice has seen transformational growth. Shortly after the work was unveiled, the company secured a $55 million investment and has since seen a 60% growth in annual user base.