Sullivan on Comp Launches ChatSOC: Chatbot for CA Workers’ Comp Pros

Sullivan on Comp Launches ChatSOC: Chatbot for CA Workers' Comp Pros

Struggling to navigate California’s workers’ compensation law? ChatSOC, a new AI assistant from Sullivan on Comp, offers instant answers and streamlines workflows for legal and risk management professionals.

Sullivan on Comp, the leading comprehensive digital resource on California workers’ compensation law, proudly announces the launch of ChatSOC, an advanced chatbot designed to streamline workers’ compensation inquiries for professionals in the field. Officially launching today, ChatSOC integrates directly with the Sullivan on Comp digital treatise, providing users with comprehensive, easy-to-understand answers.

ChatSOC offers a groundbreaking approach to handling workers’ compensation law inquiries. It ensures professionals can access detailed, accurate responses while significantly reducing the effort and workload traditionally required, alleviating the burden of time-intensive research. This innovation was developed for attorneys, adjusters, supervisors, risk managers, and workers’ compensation program managers who require immediate information to support their decision-making process.

ChatSOC leverages the in-depth content of the 16-volume Sullivan on Comp treatise to give users answers to legal or procedural questions about California workers’ compensation in seconds by connecting the dots from different chapters. ChatSOC can also help draft communications, get explanations of medical concepts related to workers’ compensation, explore hypothetical scenarios, summarize cases that speak to a particular issue, and more. ChatSOC’s user-friendly interface invites users to ask questions and allows them to follow up as needed for additional clarification.

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Michael Bell, Director of Sullivan on Comp, revealed the positive outcomes of user evaluations, noting, “We tested it extensively in-house as well as with other groups of industry professionals. Their enthusiastic endorsement and reports of increased productivity and more streamlined workflows reassured us that ChatSOC will become indispensable for all SOC subscribers. Indeed, ChatSOC is a unique tool that makes navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation law as easy as chatting with a colleague.”