TaskUs Powers TaskGPT with AWS

TaskUs Powers TaskGPT with AWS

TaskGPT combines the ingenuity of humans with the power of AI to deliver a better customer experience. 

TaskUs, a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to the world’s most innovative companies, announced it is strengthening its relationship with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) by leveraging the latest generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) services from AWS.

“As a leader in digital customer service solutions, we are using GenAI technology and expanding our relationship with AWS to provide innovative solutions for our customers,” said Manish Pandya, SVP of Digital at TaskUs. “We are building our GenAI capabilities on AWS to benefit from its scale, reliability, security, and rate of innovation. AWS is helping us help our clients drive their digital growth, reinvent customer experiences, and lead the way in their industries.”

TaskUs is using Amazon Bedrock to help power TaskGPT and give clients the ability to deliver GenAI-powered responses to simple or process-oriented customer service questions, freeing up representatives’ time to address more complex issues.

AWS Bedrock’s fully managed, unified API approach, which allows TaskGPT to leverage Amazon’s and third-party GenAI foundation models, aligns directly with TaskUs’ model-agnostic architecture. TaskUs’ vision is to use the most appropriate foundation model for each client’s specific use case via a seamless integration between TaskGPT and the cloud infrastructure required to successfully deliver results at the speed, scale, security level, and cost required by clients.

TaskGPT, a platform and suite of GenAI products developed by TaskUs, represents a significant leap forward in customer experience technology. TaskGPT delivers secure, GenAI-fueled responses in multiple languages, 24/7, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction scores. Front-line staff can customize responses to ongoing customer interactions, ensuring conversations flow seamlessly.