Tatari Fuels New TV Ad Agencies

Tatari Fuels New TV Ad Agencies

More than 30 agencies are now licensing the Tatari technology to add TV buying capabilities to their existing offerings.

Tatari, a leading platform for buying and measuring advertising across convergent TV, today announced that it has dramatically grown agency adoption of its platform, allowing it to plan, buy, and measure TV ad campaigns for its clients.

Agencies currently have limited choices regarding whether they want to advertise TV to their clients. One option is to work with a demand-side platform (DSP), limited to only accessing CTV at high CPMs through programmatic buying. The other options are to work with linear networks and streaming publishers directly. Still, ad agencies are left with fragmented data and cannot provide closed-loop attribution that proves real outcomes (purchases, installs, etc) from campaigns.

Since announcing the availability for agencies to license Tatari 18 months ago, more than 30 agencies have signed on, with 40% buying into additional services. This uptick in platform adoption aligns with digital agencies’ desire to offer other customer acquisition channels beyond social and search and for TV media buying agencies to buy and measure TV based on outcomes.

Most of Tatari’s agency partners are exploiting Tatari’s convergent TV capabilities. More than 80% of agency-driven campaigns truly embrace the concept of convergent TV through a blend of CTV, cable, and broadcast television.

“Tatari is at the forefront of TV’s evolution with the only self-serve platform truly TV Everywhere,” said Christine Price, Associate Media Director at Marcus Thomas. “The Tatari campaign manager offers linear and CTV/OTT buying ease with efficiency, scale, transparency, and attribution to match your client’s KPIs. This is where TV was meant to be.”

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Meanwhile, Tatari has seen a 191% year-over-year increase in streaming and a 341% increase in programmatic spending, highlighting a broader trend of taking performance-driven approaches beyond social into convergent TV.

“Digitally-native agencies helped ignite a direct-to-consumer revolution that relied heavily on social media and programmatic advertising, but as those channels get more competitive, agencies and their brands are looking for new performance opportunities,” said Mike Fogarty, Head of Agency Partnerships of Tatari. “Unlike any other technology or DSP offering in the market, Tatari offers agencies with CTV capabilities, linear TV inventory, and measurement. The Tatari technology stack allows our new agency clients to expand their offering to brands and drive agency revenue.”

“If you want to buy and measure performance TV in a way that drives results, aligns with clients digital media efforts, and is easy for media buyers to learn, Tatari rose above the rest as the best TV ad platform for our agency,” said Tihomir Liptak, CEO of Bodhi. “Our partnership with Tatari has unlocked a significant growth opportunity for our clients as we scale into TV audiences to build an effective media mix while testing and learning like our digital efforts. Clients love us bringing a modern approach to TV buying, we love de-risking our digital spend, and everyone loves how Tatari delivers measurable key outcomes.”