TraceGains Acquires NutriCalc

TraceGains Acquires NutriCalc

This acquisition by TraceGains fuels the development of future innovations to the product and provides an immediate benefit to customers.

TraceGains, a compliance and networked product development software, has strategically acquired NutriCalc, a nutritional calculation software. Announced at today’s global Together Conference, this move positions TraceGains as the provider of the most comprehensive and user-friendly end-to-end solution in the industry.

Gary Nowacki, CEO of TraceGains, highlighted NutriCalc’s robust nutrition calculation capabilities, emphasizing TraceGains’ already strong presence in compliance and product development. “We’re excited about this acquisition because it offers a unique opportunity to drive industry advancement by merging top-tier nutritional calculation, reporting, and labeling solutions with TraceGains’ established compliance and product development leadership,” said Nowacki.

The integration of TraceGains and NutriCalc enhances the supply chain’s ability to tackle new product development and reformulation, along with global safety, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges, as well as rapidly evolving consumer preferences. While the financial details remain confidential, the synergy between the two companies is clear.

Dr. David Bartley, Founder of NutriCalc, expressed pride in their 30-year journey to develop the world’s most precise nutrition calculator. “Since developing NutriCalc 30 years ago, it has become the industry standard in nutrition labeling across the globe at companies both large and small. Our acquisition by TraceGains fuels the development of future innovations to the product and provides an immediate benefit to customers by linking them to a robust ingredient marketplace and streamlining their processes. The combination of these products is powerful.”

With customers distributed across US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, NutriCalc has proven capabilities and global market acceptance. With this acquisition, TraceGains inherits NutriCalc’s wealth of nutritional information and unrivaled precision. In turn, NutriCalc now has access to TraceGains’ vast network of over 70,000 supplier locations and a database of more than 500,000 searchable ingredients and items.

Greg Heartman, VP of Product Management at TraceGains, stressed the significance of integrating NutriCalc into the TraceGains networked ecosystem. “This move enriches TraceGains’ offerings in the Food and Beverage sector, focusing on simplifying and automating processes, integrating AI solutions, and enabling manufacturers and suppliers to leverage digital transformation,” he said.

Nowacki noted the market’s enthusiastic response, with new clients onboarded even before the official announcement. “This acquisition counters the trend of overpriced, inferior solutions in the market, offering a superior, integrated solution at competitive prices. TraceGains and NutriCalc together deliver unparalleled value, cementing our position as a market leader,” he said.