UK Marketers Sign Up for AI

UK marketers sign up for AI

79% of top UK marketing executives report ROI boost with AI tools

Out of 200 marketing leaders in the UK, 84% said they use AI tools of some kind, with the top three uses for email marketing (33%), content marketing (29%), and social media post generation (27%)

Adtech platform BrightBid says its new survey reveals that the majority (84%) of UK marketing bosses already use AI tools in their digital advertising, with 79% saying that using AI tools had boosted their return on investment.

Findings include:

  • 85% of marketing executives are confident in AI tools
  • 64% plan to use them more in their marketing campaigns
  • 71% of marketing executives express concern over the ethics of using AI tools

Almost 60% plan to integrate more tools into their workflow in the future. Key applications include automation, increasing efficiency and enhancing results. Respondents used a wide range of tools but generative AI, in most cases ChatGPT, was the most popular technology.

While most marketers already use these tools, 8% still don’t at all, or not for work purposes. Reasons for delaying uptake included concerns over data quality, budget constraints and lack of familiarity with the technology. 71% of respondents also expressed concerns over ethics in using AI, highlighting the need for an open discussion over-regulation.

BrightBid CEO Gustav Westman says: “There’s no doubt that AI drives revenue. An overwhelming majority of marketing executives – 79% – said AI contributes to improved ROl and acknowledged that this success can be directly attributed to using AI tools.

“However, there are still significant barriers to AI adoption, with some marketers citing lack of training and budget constraints. The landscape is evolving rapidly, so we hope this peer-to-peer insight helps all organizations find ways to start benefiting from this technology.”