unitQ Enhances User Feedback Platform with Product Analytics

unitQ Enhances User Feedback Platform with Product Analytics

Capturing user actions in combination with user feedback data empowers businesses to understand how their customers use their products and where there are friction points across the user journey.

unitQ, the leader in Quality Automation, announced a major milestone today — enhancements to unitQ that empower organizations to view and analyze real-time user feedback alongside behavioral analytics data.

While unitQ already provides organizations with AI-driven, real-time actionable insights into what their users are saying in real-time across all user feedback channels, our latest milestone empowers our customers with real-time actionable insights about how their customers use their products and services.

This first-of-its-kind unified approach helps organizations identify correlations between user behavior and user feedback, providing an even deeper understanding of customers’ needs and preferences. unitQ becomes even more powerful when integrated with product analytics software like Amplitude by further breaking down the walls between product, engineering, and customer experience teams.

Understanding User Behavior

Integrating product analytics with unitQ solves a big problem for organizations — understanding what drives user behavior with detailed insights into product usage patterns and performance metrics, from conversion paths to drop-off points.

“Capturing user actions with Amplitude, in combination with user-feedback platform unitQ, empowers businesses to understand how their customers use their products and where there are friction points across the user journey,” says Brandon Khoo, Amplitude’s Project Manager. “This combination gives product, engineering, and customer experience leaders bi-directional feedback to build products informed by what users say and their actions, increasing both customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of product roadmaps.”

unitQ’s Latest Inventions, Enhancements

The rollout of the unitQ-Amplitude integration follows a spate of unitQ innovations and product advancements.

Among them, they include:

  • The debut of unitQ’s advanced AI-powered software to instantly transcribe organizations’ call center recordings, customer surveys and conversation bots — data that is transformed into real-time actionable insights to empower businesses to automate and elevate their product quality.
  • The introduction of unitQ GPT; unitQ GPT is the world’s first generative AI engine for measuring the quality of an organization’s products, services and experiences and harnesses unitQ’s proprietary AI models to extract instant meaning from support tickets, surveys, app reviews, social media posts and product engagement data so organizations can connect the dots between what users say and do in real time.
  • Engineering root cause analysis (RCA) coupled with unitQ GPT empowers engineering teams to quickly identify and address the root causes of user-reported issues. This AI-driven approach not only streamlines the RCA process but also ensures that user feedback is central to product development and improvement strategies.

With our unitQ-Amplitude integration, organizations can easily identify the correlation of product quality issues and the impact on any defined cohort — a group of users with shared characteristics. Simply ask unitGPT a question and get immediate answers based on granularly categorized, AI-driven user insights.

  • What cohort of users have churned the most and why?
  • What cohort of users tried a new feature and why?
  • What are my power users saying about our latest feature or beta?
  • What cohort of users are most likely to churn and why?
  • What features do inactive users like and dislike, and what bugs do they want fixed?
  • What features can we implement to upsell customers?
  • What user actions are good for engagement, improving conversion?
  • What user actions are not good for engagement, hindering conversion?

“The use of advanced AI solutions like unitQ GPT in tandem with product analytics software such as Amplitude is setting a new standard for product quality by offering greater possibilities for companies to understand their customers to deliver exceptional experiences,” says Christian Wiklund, unitQ CEO.

Seamlessly Connect Amplitude to unitQ

Our Amplitude integration connects seamlessly with unitQ. We have a growing number of out-of-the-box integrations and are always adding more. Contact unitQ if you want to integrate a product analytics tool or other user-feedback data source not on our growing roster.

unitQ integrates with any product analytics software or user-feedback data source with our easy-to-use enrichment API.