Privacy-First Experiences: OneTrust and Adobe

Privacy-First Experiences: OneTrust and Adobe

Enabling marketers to accelerate first-party data strategies and thrive without

OneTrust, the market-defining leader for trust intelligence, today announced it is partnering with Adobe to offer the capabilities of OneTrust Universal Consent and Preference Management (UCPM) with the Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP), part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe was recognized as a Leader in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Customer Data Platforms. We believe that through the partnership, OneTrust will empower marketers and data stewards to cultivate trust by giving customers control over how brands use data and increasing marketing ROI by powering personalized experiences that reflect an individual’s preferences, all while automating privacy compliance with global laws.

Integrating OneTrust UCPM with Adobe Real-Time CDP will enable marketers to navigate changes in how they capture, access, and activate data, driven by the deprecation of third-party cookies and the proliferation of data privacy laws while meeting consumer demand for heightened personalization. Now, brands can combine customer data from all their channels into unified profiles that include customers’ communication and privacy preferences. Any changes to a customer’s preferences are instantly stored and reflected in future interactions with a brand. This will provide the foundation for marketers to capture, store, enforce, and activate consent—at scale—to deliver highly personalized and consistent experiences leveraging first-party data.

Gartner states, “First-party data can strengthen customer relationships by enabling companies to provide more personalized, relevant experiences.” Gartner also states, “Central to most privacy laws is the challenge of providing users with clarity and control over their personal information and its use. Digital marketing leaders need a clear overview of the consent and preference management ecosystem to design experiences that meet this challenge.”

“In today’s digital landscape, where privacy concerns and the demand for personalized experiences intersect, first-party data emerges as the critical path forward,” explained Blake Brannon, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “By partnering with Adobe, we’re paving the way for brands to excel in striking this balance, transforming how they connect with customers, respect their preferences, and ultimately, achieve a higher marketing ROI.”

“Organizations rely on Adobe Real-Time CDP to unify disparate data into real-time profiles that can then be activated across any marketing channel,” said Ryan Fleisch, Senior Director at Adobe. “The joint capabilities of OneTrust and Adobe are an important unlock for marketers, enabling teams to drive personalization at scale while building trusted, consent-driven customer relationships.”

OneTrust’s integration with Adobe Real-Time CDP enables marketers to:

  • Enrich customer profiles and deepen their understanding of customer behavior and interest by collecting and storing customer-provided preferences
  • Deliver personalized experiences at scale using audience segments built on first-party data and consent
  • Adhere to data privacy requirements, build trust with customers, and minimize disruption to marketing workflows with automated consent management