Vatika Naturals Debuts RootForMe Campaign

Vatika Naturals Debuts RootForMe Campaign

Vatika Naturals’ #ROOTFORME campaign addresses workplace bias against women of color through humor & digital content, aiming to empower career advancement by breaking stereotypes.

Vatika Naturals, a flagship brand from House of Dabur, is pioneering an empowering initiative this International Women’s Day with the launch of their IWD2024 campaign, #ROOTFORME.

Roshni Singh, Group Marketing Manager UK EU and Americas, said, “Vatika Naturals is not just a hair care brand but a custodian of values which champion diversity, differences, and uniqueness, especially amongst women. With the #ROOTFORME, Vatika endeavors to strengthen its stand towards being inclusive and diverse.” #RootForMe is a call to action for individuals to stand together and dismantle barriers preventing equality for women, specifically women of color. Vatika is always challenging the status quo or stereotypes that hinder the growth of an individual.”

Agency Founder and Chairman for HereandNow365, Manish Tiwari, said, “Vatika Naturals is a brand which identifies and celebrates differences, and to match the brand’s vision, our team has developed this concept which is not just clutter-breaking but light-hearted.  The aim of deploying humor is not to make light of the issues at hand but rather to offer hard-hitting provocative messaging through treatment and platforms that resonate with our younger audiences in today’s time.

#ROOTFORME is a digital campaign to mark IWD2024 addressing intersectionality at the workplace which affects women of color, compounded by race, ethnicity, religion, and several other issues that can pose as a major roadblock for career advancement for a lot of our target segment and make them susceptible to workplace harassment and stereotyping.