Vodex Launches Vodex 2.0 Outbound Communications Platform


Vodex has launched Vodex 2.0, a new version of ots outbound communications platform, which allows companies to leverage generative artificial intelligence for calls to customers with a human-like voice.

Vodex 2.0 is a self-serve platform which uses end-to-end generative AI technology. Its features include multilingual capabilities that support 96 languages, voicemail detection, real-time analytics, robust APIs, the ability to send WhatsApp and text messages, and real-time call transfer to human agents.

“With the onset of Vodex 2.0, we are ushering into a new era. We can now empower businesses worldwide with this cutting-edge gen AI-based phone call engagement platform,” said Anshul Shrivastava, founder and CEO of Vodex, in a statement.