VRIO Teams Up with Solvpath

VRIO Teams Up with Solvpath

The synergy between Solvpath and Vrio introduces Solvpath’s cutting-edge suite of customer support and retention solutions to Vrio’s renowned eCommerce platform.

Vrio.com, formerly Sublytics CRM, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Solvpath, a leading innovator in eCommerce self-serve customer support and retention technology.

Vrio, a headless eCommerce platform, is dedicated to empowering businesses by enhancing online sales, streamlining payment processing, and optimizing order fulfillment capabilities. With a keen understanding of data and analytics, Vrio’s next-generation features allow eCommerce brands to gain insights into operations, customer behavior, and transaction data without relying on spreadsheets.

Solvpath, renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to self-serve customer support and retention, seamlessly integrates with Vrio, providing swift assistance to merchants in automating customer support processes, increasing retention rates, and significantly improving their bottom line. Solvpath’s ability to automate up to 80% of inbound support inquiries is particularly impressive.

Jonathan Bishoff, CEO of Vrio, expressed his enthusiasm for adding Solvpath as a verified solutions partner to unlock enhanced customer service capabilities for the eCommerce businesses they support. “Vrio is thrilled about the Solvpath partnership and the expanded capabilities it offers to our eCommerce businesses. By adding this solution, Vrio is staying ahead of competitors by locating and integrating with industry-leading solutions.”

JR Charron, Head of Solvpath’s Partnership team, expresses excitement about partnering with industry veterans from the Vrio team, including Laura Turner, Jonathan Bishoff, and Erik Nilsen. Charron highlights, “Vrio’s data-first approach aligns seamlessly with Solvpath, and we’re eagerly looking forward to collaborating. With Vrio’s robust tools tailored for subscription-based businesses, we’re confident that Solvpath will bring substantial value to their customers.”

The synergy between Solvpath and Vrio introduces Solvpath’s cutting-edge suite of customer support and retention solutions to Vrio’s renowned eCommerce platform and advanced sales analytics tools. Clients stand to gain a myriad of advantages, including an intelligent natural language-powered help desk, tailor-made down-sell and troubleshooting flows for heightened retention, effective deflection of cancellations and returns, dispute and refund mitigation, along with sophisticated analytics meticulously breaking down a customer’s comprehensive support journey.

In joining forces, Solvpath and Vrio are dedicated to excellence, innovation, and client success. Together, they’re setting new industry standards, driving positive change, and improving customer support for clients, all while cutting operational costs. Furthermore, as state regulators enforce ‘click to cancel’ and the FTC proposes more rules, Solvpath is here to keep merchants compliant, enhance the customer experience, and boost their bottom line. This partnership improves efficiency and customer support, but also helps Vrio clients succeed in a changing regulatory landscape.