Tiger Pistol and The Wendy’s Company Expands Partnership

Tiger Pistol and The Wendy's Company Expands Partnership

The partnership reflects Wendy’s dedication to aligning with contemporary consumer preferences and its commitment to delivering top-tier advertising solutions to its franchisees. 

In a strategic move to enhance local advertising efforts and engage with modern consumers, Tiger Pistol, an advanced local social media advertising platform, and The Wendy’s Company, announced the expansion of their partnership to include TikTok advertising.

Kristin Tormey, Global Director, Social Media & Digital Engagement at The Wendy’s Company, said, “Wendy’s values Tiger Pistol as an essential partner in our mission to empower our local markets with top-tier advertising solutions. Having already achieved remarkable success together in running Facebook and Instagram ads across our extensive network of over 6,000 restaurants, we aim to continue our industry leadership by facilitating the creation of high-quality, brand-approved TikTok ads for our franchisees. Tiger Pistol has been instrumental in developing the necessary technology to bring this vision to life. Together, we are setting significant milestones and continue to lead the industry forward.”

Working together, Tiger Pistol is helping Wendy’s franchise restaurants engage with their local communities through vertical video to capture higher levels of engagement from their target audiences. This format minimizes distractions and provides a visually appealing experience, maximizing each ad’s impact. Additionally, shorter video ads are easier for consumers to digest quickly and share with others. According to Capterra’s TikTok Marketing Survey, over half of small retailers and restaurants marketing themselves on TikTok have found immense value in the platform, with 78% realizing a positive return on investment with TikTok ads.

Paul Elliott, CEO, Tiger Pistol, said, “TikTok’s explosive growth continues unabated, making it an essential addition to Tiger Pistol’s advertising ecosystem. Our collaboration reflects Wendy’s dedication to aligning with contemporary consumer preferences and its commitment to delivering top-tier advertising solutions to its franchisees.”

Tiger Pistol links brands to franchise locations using an easy-to-use, but powerful advertising platform. This platform harnesses the influence of social advertising to attract new customers. Franchise owners or their agency partners can select from a variety of brand-created ads designed to meet their specific business objectives, whether it’s recruiting, increasing foot traffic, or promoting special deals.

For franchise owners and agencies managing multiple locations, Tiger Pistol’s campaign editor simplifies the process by consolidating all campaigns into one efficient workflow. This streamlines the creation of multiple campaigns, even those with complex funding structures. With just a single click, a user can allocate funds for individual store-level campaigns or make collective payments across numerous store locations.