Walmart+ and Andy Cohen Team Up for “Save Your Resolutions” Campaign

Walmart+ and Andy Cohen Team Up for

The campaign will help Walmart+’s subscribers to make their life easier and more affordable all year long with Andy Cohen teaming up with a fleet of influencers.

Walmart+ is teaming up with Andy Cohen to “Save Your Resolutions” and help customers resolve (or even re-resolve) to *not* drop the ball on their 2024 goal. Fresh off co-hosting the iconic (and giggle fit inducing) New Year’s Eve Live on CNN, Andy Cohen is determined to keep with his New Year’s resolutions to get healthier, sleep better, and spend less time on his phone when around his kids with the help of Walmart+.

While he’s still basking in the glow of the Times Square Ball Drop, Andy wants to help everyone else stick to their resolutions too. That’s why he’s teaming up with a fleet of influencers to spark a social moment that emboldens people to stay resolute with their goals in the month that most give up on them.

Andy Cohen, said, “As someone who has always held a special place for New Year’s resolutions in my heart, I’m thrilled to partner with Walmart+ to share the tools and encouragement needed for a successful year ahead. It’s not just about setting goals – it’s about the journey of self-improvement and the joy of realizing your aspirations. Together with Walmart+, we can make it our best year yet!”

Venessa Yates, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Walmart+, said, “Walmart+ is more than just a membership; it’s the perfect way to help make life easier and more affordable all year long. Walmart+ is your ticket to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s saving money, traveling more often, boosting your healthy lifestyle, or the gift of free time.”

Walmart+ is also adding a major money-saving incentive with a sign-up offer this month. Customers who enroll in an annual Walmart+ membership through January 31 will receive $50 in Walmart Cash deposited directly into their digital wallet in the Walmart app. That Walmart Cash can be instantly redeemed on almost all in-store or online Walmart purchases to help members stick to their goals.