Walmart Opens Off-site Customer Journey Insights to Suppliers

Walmart Opens Off-site Customer Journey Insights to Suppliers

Digital Landscapes enables suppliers to track online shopper behavior before a purchase, which could boost marketing efforts.

With Digital Landscapes, Walmart is looking to help suppliers answer questions about how customers find their products across the internet, how much time they spend before making a purchase, and when customers are most likely to shop online. If it’s able to do all that, Digital Landscapes could provide the kind of tracking and targeting data that marketers demand amid Google’s ongoing plans to deprecate third-party cookies.

Digital Landscapes is the latest launch from Walmart Data Ventures, a division launched in 2021 to manage Walmart’s first-party data business. Walmart Luminate is the division’s flagship product, which has helped boost supplier engagement with its core retail and growing ad businesses. With the latest news, users of Walmart Luminate, the company’s data analytics product suite, can use insights drawn by analyzing daily engagement trends and tracking traffic sources, including search, social, and Walmart-owned channels, to help suppliers optimize their campaigns.

According to its latest earnings report, Walmart’s U.S. advertising business, Walmart Connect, grew by 26% during the first quarter of fiscal 2025. Overall, active advertisers’ counts on Connect increased by nearly 19% during the period, and growth from marketplace sellers was up by more than 50%.

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Walmart has continued to improve its retail media business by helping marketers use its stores of first-party data to build campaigns and drive sales through its owned channels. Along with acquiring smart TV maker Vizio, Walmart recently announced a collaboration with Disney Advertising that gives advertisers access to closed-loop measurement capabilities for brand campaigns across the CTV inventory on Disney+ and Hulu.