WebMD Ignite partners with Freshpaint


The partnership promotes compliance for hospitals, health systems, and health plans. 

WebMD Ignite, a full-service growth partner for organizations across the healthcare industry, announced a strategic partnership with Freshpaint, a healthcare privacy platform that allows healthcare providers to continue doing high-performance marketing while protecting patient privacy.

The partnership promotes compliance for hospitals, health systems, and health plans through a privacy-first approach to using Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other marketing tools that rely on web-tracking technologies. The collaboration will ensure a seamless integration of high-performance marketing services and technologies while upholding the highest data privacy and security standards.

Together, the partnership enables healthcare organizations to take a privacy-first approach to high-performance marketing by:

  • Removing non-compliant tracking technologies to support HIPAA compliance
  • De-identifying and masking individual visitors to enable performance reporting
  • Controlling data flow across the entire marketing tech stack to prevent PHI from reaching destinations where organizations do not have a BAA

“Getting the right information to the right people is critical in a healthcare setting. That takes understanding a consumer’s unique circumstances and needs. At the same time, protecting privacy and security are also paramount. In the face of constantly evolving regulations, doing both can be exceedingly difficult. That’s why we are collaborating with a privacy leader to help our valued client partners balance driving high-performance healthcare outreach efforts while maintaining consumer privacy,” said Ann Bilyew, SVP, Health and Group GM, WebMD Ignite. “Freshpaint offers the right healthcare privacy platform to integrate into our product ecosystem, as well as offering it to healthcare organizations who want to layer on their own product stack.”

In the wake of the December 2022 Bulletin from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the most recent joint privacy warning in July 2023 from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and HHS, healthcare organizations find themselves navigating a labyrinth of compliance laws and evolving data privacy regulations surrounding the use of cookies, tracking technologies, digital advertising and analytics. This crucial need for alignment between high-performance marketing and strict data privacy for HIPAA compliance is the challenge this strategic partnership aims to address.

“For healthcare organizations, the new guidance surrounding web tracking technologies and HIPAA compliance has become exceedingly complex. That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with WebMD Ignite. The partnership will give healthcare organizations of all sizes a privacy-first approach to using the tools and services they need to do high-performance marketing, while helping to maintain HIPAA compliance,” said Steven Fitzsimmons, Cofounder of Freshpaint.

Existing WebMD Ignite clients will have their products configured and powered by Freshpaint to manage their privacy and data settings. Future client partners can have confidence that their engagement ecosystem is set up to support compliance with HIPAA Privacy rules and regulations.