What Moviegoers Really Want from Cinema and Streaming

What Moviegoers Really Want from Cinema and Streaming

Moviegoers want affordable tickets and concessions! Market Force Information study reveals key drivers of movie theatre satisfaction and competition.

Market Force Information, a leader in customer experience management, has re-released findings from its 2023 panel study involving 4,548 moviegoers nationwide. The study identifies key consumer behavior and satisfaction drivers in the movie theatre sector. Moviegoers emphasized that better pricing/value would most likely influence their visit frequency, with more affordable admissions cited as the number one factor by 65.5% of respondents and food and beverage costs cited by 59% of respondents.

The newly released interactive report summarizes last year’s rankings in advance of this year’s study, which will be coming out during the summer blockbuster season.

2023 results highlights

Emagine Entertainment tops the charts in the Customer Loyalty Index (CLI), trust, and wallet share. Epic and Premiere are notable competitors in CLI, while Marquee and Malco excel in building consumer trust. Additionally, Cinema Entertainment and Megaplex do well on the wallet share measure, which indicates relative market share strength.

Factors such as quality seating, diverse film titles, and ample showtimes also drive moviegoers into theatres. Seeing the movie they want at the time they want in a comfortable seat makes a difference.

Despite a high incidence rate for concession sales, only 36.4% of consumers express satisfaction with food and beverage offerings, presenting a significant opportunity for theatres to enhance this aspect of the customer experience. Restroom cleanliness remains a concern, with less than 50% satisfaction due to the challenges of managing surge usage.

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Excessive trailers, commercials, and issues like temperature control and cleanliness are prevalent irritants. When issues arise, the ticket purchasing experience, cleanliness, and food quality are the top areas that need improvement. 60% of moviegoers outside the theatre prefer watching films at home, with 87.8% engaging with digital streaming services.

Preferred streaming services include

  • Netflix at 69.7%
  • Amazon Prime at 61.4%
  • Hulu at 49.2%
  • Disney at 47.9%