Workorb Launches Enterprise Conversation Graph for Customer Teams


Workorb, a Toronto-based team of AI researchers and engineers, launches the platform to democratize access to enterprise customer data.

Workorb launches the first platform that combines keyword-based information retrieval, embedding-based document retrieval, and enterprise conversation graphs for highly accurate retrieval and objective-driven information task deployments in enterprises.

Founded in 2022, the company is a venture-backed team of AI researchers and engineers based in Toronto. The company has the product deployed across several enterprises as design partners.

Workorb, an enterprise software provider for customer-facing teams, has successfully launched its platform to democratize access to enterprise customer data. Customer data in an enterprise environment is siloed and spread across systems of record for each enterprise team, emails, internal chat messages, cloud storage and transcribed phone calls. Getting answers to queries about a customer is time-consuming both for customer-facing teams in sales and customer success, as well as for business leaders.

Workorb connects seamlessly to enterprise systems and stitches all customer data across channels, creating unique customer timelines. It automatically constructs representations of people on the customer side, enterprise size, and their associations and titles. This effectively constitutes an enterprise graph of relationships for each customer indexed by time.

The enterprise graph and customer timelines are processed in this new platform that combines traditional and neural indexing along with timelines and people to generate superior representations of customer data. Users can ask open-ended questions on the data and obtain detailed answers along with all suitable enterprise information grounding the answer. The platform supports sophisticated data governance policies and novel data-sharing approaches to provide secure and regulated access to client information.