Xactly Launches Extend, Next-Gen Calculation Engine, and Advanced Pipeline Analytics


Xactly, a provider of intelligent revenue solutions, launched Xactly Extend, Next-Gen Calculation Engine, and Advanced Pipeline Analytics as parts of its Sales Performance Management (SPM) portfolio.

“At Xactly, our commitment to innovation and scalability is unwavering. We are already witnessing widespread adoption and incredible success in the market,” said Arnab Mishra, Xactly’s chief operating officer, in a statement. “These enhancements are actively enabling and supporting efficient growth for our customers today.”

Xactly Extend is an SPM application development platform with features that include the following:

  • Ability to connect and automate adjacent SPM processes and end-to-end workflows; and
  • The ability to consolidate all processes on a unified platform fueled by a unified dataset.

Xactly’s Next-Gen Calculation Engine is an enhancement to its Incentive Compensation Management product, Incent. It offers the following:

  • A 300 percent average improvement in data processing speed, with some customers experiencing even higher performance boosts;
  • Streamlined business operations; and
  • Enhanced data management capabilities.

Xactly’s Advanced Pipeline Analytics capabilities, part of Xactly Forecasting, helps businesses understand the dynamics of their sales pipelines. Core features include the following:

  • Transparent, data-driven view of the sales and revenue generation process; and
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of pipeline status and performance.