AiAdvertising Partners with Brinx TV

AiAdvertising Partners with Brinx TV

Brinx.TV’s platform lets viewers directly interact with and purchase products, merging advertising with immediate consumer action, providing a seamless content-commerce experience.

AiAdvertising, a provider of AI-powered advertising solutions, announced an exclusive breakthrough partnership with Brinx.TV. 

BRINX (Broadcast Reach Integration Network Xchange) is poised to redefine the advertising industry by merging content and commerce, which is now amplified by AI-powered marketing expertise from AiAdvertising.

This partnership breaks Brinx.TV from the abyss of FAST Channels (Free Ad-Supported TV).

Brinx.TV’s platform allows viewers to interact directly and purchase products, merging advertising with immediate consumer action, providing a seamless content-commerce experience. Consumers are rewarded for their engagement, fostering a deeper connection between viewers and brands. Brinx.Six-time Emmy winner John Brenkus, a titan redefining sports TV, leads TV. Brenkus is renowned as “the man who has redefined sports TV” by the Wall Street Journal and the force behind ESPN Sport Science with 1,800 episodes. Brinx.TV is a Hexagon Partners, Ltd. company and a strategic investor in AiAdvertising.

Under the exclusive partnership, AiAdvertising will connect and integrate its AI-powered marketing and media buying pipeline to the Brinx.TV platform. AiAdvertising will bring its data-driven insights and sophisticated AI tools that ensure campaigns are creative and optimized based on real consumer data and behavior. The contract includes an investment for the launch of Brinx.TV using AiAdvertising’s unique AI-driven expertise. This partnership is built to amplify revenue opportunities by bringing new advertisers to the Brinx.TV platform.

“Our alliance with Brinx.TV represents a transformative step in the advertising world that will revolutionize traditional media consumption,” said Jerry Hug, Chief Executive Officer of AiAdvertising. “By integrating our AI-powered marketing expertise with Brinx.TV and its unique content-commerce approach, we are not just reaching audiences – we are actively engaging them in a novel way. This collaboration is about creating a dynamic and responsive advertising experience that places consumers’ preferences and actions at the forefront.”

Hug concluded, “The unique fusion of data-driven technology, integrated commerce, and compelling content is the hallmark of this alliance and champions the notion that consumer attention is not just valuable but paramount. It will ensure that fans engage with and receive value from brands they trust and deserve. This innovative approach redefines the viewing experience, placing consumer engagement and rewards at the forefront of the digital era. With John Brenkus’ established reputation in the world of sport and science, we can reinforce a layer of trust and authenticity to the featured products and brands.”

John Brenkus, CEO of Brinx.TV, added,I couldn’t be more excited about this exclusive partnership where our engaging content will come together with AiAdvertising’s strategic insights to create a new category, BRINX (Broadcast Reach Integration Network Xchange) to win precious advertising dollars. We’re taking our innovative approach to sports and entertainment content where viewers are rewarded for their engagement and combining it with AiAdvertising’s analytical prowess. This partnership is about more than just delivering content; it’s about creating a one-of-a-kind, rewarding, and immersive environment where brands and fans can connect more meaningfully than ever before.”

As FAST Channels gain popularity, this collaboration is crucial to emphasizing consumer choice and engagement with personalized experiences. Brinx.TV is redefining the advertising industry by leading the way with its engaging and consumer-rewarding content delivery. Statista Market Insights1 estimates that FAST revenue in the U.S., where the majority of revenue is generated, will grow by nearly 26% in 2024 to $7.75 billion and by a CAGR of 9.3% to more than $10 billion by 2027 with a user penetration rate above 23% as an increasing number of viewers opt for no-cost, ad-supported streaming services over traditional cable or satellite subscriptions.