Airship Unifies CX Experimentation and Optimization


Airship introduces a suite of applications for mobile CX experimentation and optimization, including the Experimentation Hub for centralizing user experiments, Holdout Experiments for advanced A/B testing, Feature Flags for toggling functionality and making iterative enhancements, and App Health Reporting for real-time insights.

Mobile app experience company Airship introduced a suite of applications for mobile customer experience experimentation and optimization.

The suite includes the following:

  • Experimentation Hub, which centralizes all Airship user experiments, from optimizing cross-channel customer journeys to refining messages, campaigns and no-code native app experiences to testing app user experience and features. It’s a dashboard to create, launch, and evaluate experiments and obtain a common understanding of the end-to-end experimentation and optimization strategy.

  • Holdout Experiments take A/B testing and control groups to a new level, allowing marketers to measure their impact on business goals by comparing audiences who receive marketing-led experiences vs. those who don’t.

  • Feature Flags, which enable teams to turn functionality on and off, run tests with control groups, activate short-term campaigns, and make iterative experience enhancements before rolling them out to full audiences, all without new code deployment or app store updates.

  • App Health Reporting, a visual reporting environment providing real-time insights from all active experiments, as well as customer, channel and campaign data, into one place. A new dashboard provides at-a-glance key performance indicators to help marketers and product owners understand app performance across the mobile app lifecycle.

“Customers’ first experiences with brands have an outsized impact on future value, especially when it comes to mobile app experiences where more than half decide whether to delete a new app in the first two uses,” said Brett Caine, CEO and President of Airship, in a statement. “Brands need to recognize their limited window to make a compelling case for app customers to stick around. With Airship’s solution approach, we streamline creation, experimentation, and optimization, giving brands the keys to unlock agile optimization and more quickly achieve their business goals.”