All You Need To Know: Google Duplex

All You Need To Know: Google Duplex

We’re far from creating AI that can pass the Turing test. In fact, automated phone systems are still struggling to recognize simple words and commands.

Google Duplex is a technology that allows your Google Assistant to make natural phone calls on your behalf, completing tasks like scheduling appointments or getting business hours without you ever having to pick up the phone. 

  • Sounds natural, sounds real: It uses AI to understand and respond to complex conversations, like booking a haircut next Friday at 4 PM. It even adds subtle pauses and “ums” to sound more human.
  • Focused on specific tasks: Duplex thrives in controlled environments like scheduling appointments. However, it can’t handle open-ended conversations or complex requests.
  • Built for transparency: Google is upfront about Duplex being an AI, putting businesses and users at ease.

How it works

  • Advanced AI: Duplex is powered by a neural network trained on tons of anonymized phone call data, allowing it to understand the context and respond appropriately.
  • Fast processing: It responds instantly to simple prompts like “hello” but uses faster, less accurate models for complex sentences to keep latency low.
  • Human supervision: For new tasks, experienced operators guide Duplex in real time until it’s ready to fly solo.


  • Businesses: No need to change any practices or train staff. Reduce no-shows and answer questions about holiday hours (Duplex can even update Google with the info!).
  • Users: Make appointments and get information hands-free through Google Assistant. Delegate tasks even when you’re offline or don’t speak the local language.


Duplex is being tested for restaurant reservations, hair salon appointments, and holiday hours with Google Assistant.

The future

Google Duplex is a step towards natural human-computer interaction, making day-to-day tasks smoother and more effortless. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have Duplex book your dream vacation or chat with your doctor!