Aprimo adds AI to its DAM Product Portfolio


Aprimo, a provider of digital asset management and marketing resource management solutions, is adding artificial intelligence across its offerings.

“AI has moved beyond being a buzzword, now serving as a transformative force driving business evolution and enhancing customer interactions,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo, in a statement. “Aprimo is leading in strategically integrating AI features that significantly improve the content lifecycle. This pragmatic approach empowers businesses of all sizes to advance into a future characterized by enhanced collaboration and innovation.”

Included in this initiative is the launch of Content Collaboration, an addition to digital asset management (DAM) for collaboration within content creation workflows. At its core are Collaborative Rooms, which provide an environment for creative brainstorming and team ideation.

Aprimo’s AI Content Coach uses businesses’ libraries of assets as a learning model, training and updating GPT frameworks. It tailors brand-aligned content for marketing channels and customer segments, facilitating access to product/service information across departments and generates content variations in tone, language, and audience. Aprimo’s innovations include near-term plans to enable customers to invite a Content Coach to a Collaborative Room.

In addition to Content Collaboration and AI Content Coach, Aprimo has released purpose-built features, including Smart GPT Document Tagging, Smart GPT Text Fields, Smart Tag Trainer, and Smart GPT Video Summaries.

Looking ahead, Aprimo is unveiling transformative AI releases, including the following:

  • Personalization for customer engagement through highly personalized content suggestions, tailored to individual preferences and behaviors.
  • Predictive analytics to forecast content trends.
  • Real-time language translation and localization.
  • Advanced security measures to safeguard sensitive content and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

“Generative AI is driving foundational changes for content operations. Aprimo is committed to ensuring our customers can capitalize on the tangible business benefits of AI and will continue to push AI boundaries and drive content management innovation, all while prioritizing safety and security,” Huddleston said.