ARP Ideas partners with Trustpilot


ARP Ideas, an IT and digital transformation consultancy, has partnered with Trustpilot to launch a customer insight and CRM solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ARP Ideas will synergise Trustpilot’s features with Microsoft Dynamics to create a tailored solution that offers businesses an integrated platform for customer insights and CRM capabilities. By merging Trustpilot reviews directly within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer record, this integration will create a unified customer view. Sales, marketing, and service teams will be able to access real-time feedback and correlate it with other vital data to refine interactions across all customer touchpoints.

With advanced analytic capabilities, ARP Ideas’ solution deep dives into review data to offer insights around customer sentiment and behavior. Businesses can reach out directly to customers through Microsoft Dynamics, showcase reviews, and curate and highlight top reviews.

“At ARP Ideas, we are passionate about spearheading innovative integrations that deliver game-changing value for our clients,” said Ambrozy Rybicki, CEO and Cofounder of ARP Ideas, in a statement. “By pioneering this connection between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Trustpilot, we are enabling organizations to engage with customers in entirely new ways. This integration represents our commitment to going above and beyond to solve our clients’ most pressing business needs with cutting-edge, custom-tailored solutions.”