Blubrry Launches Podcast AI Service

Blubrry Launches Podcast AI Service

Blubrry Podcast AI Assistant tools support and simplify podcast creation.

Blubrry Podcasting, a leader in sophisticated podcasting tools, today announced the launch of its AI-powered Podcast AI Assistant, a fully integrated pre-production, post-production, and social media promotion solution designed to save Blubrry Thrive Bundle customer’s time and create a more comprehensive experience for listeners. This new suite of tools leverages advanced artificial intelligence to offer extensive support for the entire podcasting process.

The AI assistant is structured to allow podcasters to seamlessly navigate to an episode’s final draft, including title creation, show summary, transcript, episode art, chapter files, and media files. Built by podcasters for podcasters with a solution designed so that Blubrry customers do not need to employ third-party tools.

The new AI service, named Blubrry Podcast AI Assistant (Blubrry PAI), results from extensive research and development to address podcast creators’ day-to-day challenges. With Blubrry PAI, podcasters can expect an intuitive platform that simplifies the content creation, improves post-production publishing, and maximizes audience engagement across various social media platforms.

Key Features of Blubrry PAI:

  • AI-Episode Planning: From topic selection and guest questions to show scripting, PAI offers AI-driven insights to help creators plan their episodes more efficiently. This ensures content is engaging and relevant to their target audience.
  • AI-Post-Production Tools: Leveraging AI, the service provides transcripts, title suggestions, show summaries, bullet points of topics covered, episode artwork generation, and chapter files with full integration to episode publishing.
  • AI-Social Clips and Email Promotion: Blubrry PAI also provides AI-based social media captions and posts, enabling podcasters to effectively promote their episodes across multiple platforms. It generates custom social media clip choices and autogenerates an email for episode promotion.
  • AI-Media Clipping – Coming Soon: Promotional video clips are tailored to the unique characteristics of each social media platform for maximum reach and listener engagement.

Blubrry Podcasting CEO Todd Cochrane shared his excitement about the launch:

“We are thrilled to introduce Blubrry PAI to the podcasting community. Our goal has always been to enable creators to be more efficient and help with all aspects of their podcast creation. Our Podcast AI Assistant will make Blubrry Podcasters more efficient and successful in producing their shows, from amateurs to professionals.

“This AI service is a game-changer, giving our podcasters richer data to engage listeners by offering unparalleled tools through every step of the podcasting process,” Cochrane said.