Contentsquare Unveils AI-driven Experience Intelligence Platform

Contentsquare Unveils AI-driven Experience Intelligence Platform

Global analytics leader integrates qualitative and quantitative analytics with native Voice of Customer (VoC) product addition to help brands improve NPS, retention, conversion, and performance.

Contentsquare, a global leader in Digital Analytics, today announced its new Experience Intelligence platform. This platform connects for the first time four typically siloed analytics domains: Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), Product Analytics (PA), and Voice of Customer (VoC).

The platform, announced as part of Contentsquare’s Summer release, is the first solution in the market to allow teams to connect previously separate data sources to complete an understanding of customers and their journeys. The company has also doubled down on AI, integrating practical AI throughout its platform to help teams work faster and smarter.

Contentsquare also announced it had added native, AI-powered VOC to its platform to enrich user behavior insights. This allows teams to quickly collect and validate feedback with replay sessions, quantify issues, and prioritize improvements.

“Delivering experiences that people love is hard. Siloed analytics platforms and data complexity mean companies struggle to understand end-to-end customer journeys,” said Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare. “By integrating all the main analytics categories into one platform, we’re making it easier for teams to understand their customers’ experience and act faster to delight and retain them.”

Contentsquare’s new platform solves several critical challenges for teams. Until now, they have not had access to the broad insights they need to solve the CX gap and have been lacking one source of truth to understand the end-to-end customer experience and manage acquisition, engagement, retention, and Customer Lifetime Value.

“The secret sauce to conversion rate growth is total and complete customer empathy. Brands have to truly understand what the customers are doing, seeing, and where they are finding friction in the conversion process using data to meet them where they are,” said Jennifer Peters, Senior Manager of eCommerce at OLLY, maker of premium nutrition and wellness products. “Contentsquare helps us better understand our customers and their journeys so we can deliver experiences and products that suit their interests. We can bridge the gaps between different types of data, and by having them work in concert, our view of the customer can be both holistic and specific.”

Eliminating data silos by uniting data categories

Following its acquisition of Heap in 2023 and building on its acquisition of Hotjar in 2021, Contentsquare has been accelerating its vision to bring businesses of all sizes a holistic understanding of the customer experience across all devices and throughout the customer lifecycle.

With this release, teams will get:

  • Unprecedented access to broad CX insights offered by Digital Experience Analytics, Product Analytics, Digital Experience Monitoring, and the Voice of the Customer — connected for the first time in one platform
  • Greater visibility into the end-to-end customer journey, both offline and online, across devices, from acquisition to retention and throughout the customer lifetime, thanks to the integration of Product Analytics
  • Native, AI-powered VoC addition to the platform, allowing teams to launch surveys in seconds and get feedback in minutes, to act on NPS at a granular level across the entire customer journey
  • The integration of quantitative and qualitative data via the newly added VoC survey and feedback capabilities makes it easy to connect online user behavior with direct customer feedback
  • improved collaboration, efficiency and impact across teams, thanks to a single source of truth for customer sentiment and digital performance

Faster time to value with AI-powered insights

Contentsquare has also integrated AI-powered insights across its platform to streamline CX analysis and provide smarter insights with less effort. New updates include:

  • The embedding of Contentsquare’s Frustration Score across various modules to automatically surface friction points in the customer journey
  • Generative AI-powered CoPilot for improved user interaction in Product Analytics
  • Auto-generated surveys and sentiment analysis in the VOC module, with the ability to instantly summarize findings using generative AI
  • Headlines, a new feature that automatically surfaces key business metrics fluctuations and other weekly CX performance highlights

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From automatically identifying friction, contextualizing frustration, and prioritizing resolutions, Contentsquare’s AI empowers businesses to optimize every aspect of the customer journey easily and precisely.

“The ability for enterprises and mid-size businesses to deliver more immediate, dynamic, and personalized experiences for their customers starts with having total visibility into the buying journey,” said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research.  “As data barriers are removed, there is more democratization, enabling better access, understanding, and more contextualized solutions for customers.”