Cresta named a leader for Enterprise Coaching, 2024

Cresta is identified for strengths in omnichannel, real-time coaching, and more.

Cresta, a provider of Generative AI for intelligent contact centers, has been acknowledged by Aragon Research Inc. as a “Leader” in the Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Coaching Report, 2024.

“We believe this acknowledgement from Aragon Research further solidifies our commitment to provide AI-powered contact center solutions for enterprise businesses,” said Ping Wu, CEO of Cresta. “Our Generative AI platform turns real-time insights into real-time actions – empowering contact center managers with the insights needed to create personalized coaching of key behaviors, and agents with the assistance needed to drive increased performance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction for leading organizations.”

Cresta integrated suite of intelligent products and services helps businesses unlock previously siloed revenue opportunities and build more meaningful relationships with their customers – resulting in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction. These AI-powered features include:

  • Cresta Agent Assist amplifies the best practices of top performers and applies them across your team, guiding agents in real-time through customer conversations with coaching, assistance, and automation. With Cresta Agent Assist, human workers are empowered to be significantly more effective through automated note-taking, real-time suggested responses, hints, and checklists.
  • Cresta Director helps managers better support and coach agents by providing insight into agent conversations, creating personalized coaching plans, and automated scorecards. Additionally, Cresta Director automatically identifies coaching gaps and streamlines coaching under one easy-to-use interface.
  • Cresta Insights empowers organizations to better understand customer trends, answer critical business questions, and uncover new unknowns to make faster, smarter decisions.
  • Cresta Virtual Agent chatbot helps businesses discover conversation reasons and behaviors, and automate conversations by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs).

“Cresta is driving revolutionary change in the contact center with their AI-powered solutions,” said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research. “Cresta’s ability to provide effective real-time coaching and insights is helping contact center managers ensure every customer interaction is effective and productive.”