Dream Vacations and CruiseOne Introduce Three New Agent Training Series

Dream Vacations and CruiseOne Announce Three New Educational Series for Agents

Dream Vacations and CruiseOne elevate training with new programs for all experience levels. From foundational webinars to in-depth conferences, advisors gain the skills to thrive in the evolving travel industry.

Dream Vacations and CruiseOne, two of the leading names in the travel industry, are taking their training offerings to the next level by enhancing, customizing, and launching new educational series tailored to the variety of agent experience levels in their networks.

“Empowering our seasoned agents with these new enrichment courses is proof of our investment in their ongoing success,” said Charity Santiago, vice president of training and events for Dream Vacations. “At Dream Vacations and CruiseOne, we believe in providing customized education that addresses the unique obstacles and opportunities of experienced travel advisors.”

Launching this month, the Foundation Series is a monthly webinar series hosted by the training team that focuses on the foundational knowledge needed to be a successful travel advisor. Topics include the network’s proprietary booking engine, qualifying, supplier selection, travel requirements (such as passports and visas), quoting, payments, and more.

For more established franchise owners and seasoned travel advisors, Dream Vacations launched the new monthly webinar Masterclass Series featuring World Travel Holdings leadership and special guest speakers from the travel industry covering essential topics in their areas of mastery, including budgeting, leadership, industry insights, people management/team building, travel agent marketing, back-office solutions, groups, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and learning theory.

Dream Vacations/CruiseOne recognizes that not everyone learns well behind a computer, so it will offer a three-day Business Intensive training class designed for franchisees with established businesses. The content in this hands-on and interactive training focuses on commission tracking and reports, sales analysis, tracking marketing efforts, and using more obscure features of the network’s proprietary booking platform. The true magic of the class allows attendees more one-on-one time with headquarters staff to discuss specific data and reporting and learn how to apply concepts. This class will be held twice at its Ft. Lauderdale headquarters office and once virtually.

In addition, Dream Vacations, which has seen a 30 percent increase year over year in the usage rate of its Learning Center, is investing in adding more than 2,000 modules in sales, business management, marketing, software products, communication, leadership, coaching, stress management, critical thinking, and decision-making. The content investment will allow headquarters to quickly enhance training for new franchisees and associates and contribute to the network’s continuing education and professional growth.

Dream Vacations/CruiseOne will continue to host five Regional Trainings in 2024: the Galveston Regional training that wrapped up recently, San Diego in March, Ft. Lauderdale in April, a virtual regional in May, and wrapping up with Nashville in July. Dream Vacations enhances regional agendas with a trade show component, ship inspection, or familiarization (FAM) experiences in each destination. Regional Training will remain free of charge and open to all agents.

  •     Galveston, Tex. – January
  •     San Diego, Calif. – March
  •     Fort Lauderdale, Fla. – April
  •     Virtual – May
  •     Nashville, Tenn. – July

In addition to the regionals, Dream Vacations/CruiseOne will continue to offer its in-depth Immersive Education Series, which focuses on unique training opportunities where travel franchise owners can engage in niche content in an intimate setting.

  •     MarTech Summit – February
  •     River Summit – March
  •     Luxury Summit – June
  •     Groups Summit – August
  •     Land Summit – September

The year culminates with the 2024 Dream Vacations/CruiseOne National Conference onboard the Celebrity Ascent November 17 – 24.

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“As travel evolves, so must our prowess,” said Drew Daly, senior vice president and general manager for Dream Vacations and CruiseOne. “We are dedicated to providing our franchise network with on-demand and in-person learning resources to give them the tools and environment to enjoy continuous growth and the ability to adapt to any challenge.”