Zeta Global Releases Intelligence-Powered Marketing Innovations

The new and enhanced Zeta Marketing Platform solutions include Zeta Clean Room, a secure environment for sharing data.

Zeta Global, a marketing cloud solutions provider, has launched innovations in identity, generative artificial intelligence, and consumer engagement delivered through the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP).

The new and enhanced Zeta Marketing Platform solutions include the following:

  • Zeta Clean Room, a secure environment for sharing data.
  • Data governance controls, such as enhanced metadata, data structuring, privacy safeguards, and advanced data normalization.
  • Unified connectivity with a holistic view of all inbound data and outbound channels.
  • Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE), which enables marketers to ask questions and receive real-time solutions and generates content across many topics, including user onboarding, product support, and reporting.
  • Revenue Forecasting & Recommendations, to analyze vast amounts of data to forecast and identify revenue opportunities, visualize campaign-related revenue and optimizations, and predict the potential impact of recommended actions.
  • Marketing Mix Models to forecast media spend with a suite of tools that includes Scenario Explorer (simulates the results of a specific channel mix), Automated Media Mix (optimizes media spending for revenue, clicks, or conversions), and Margin Optimizer (determines the ideal channel mix for new spend increments.)
  • Customer Growth Intelligence available via Snowflake’s Data Marketplace for event predictions on key metrics, such as conversions and site visits and paired with signal data from Zeta’s Identity Graph,
  • Media Activation Pro to create personalized and continuous omnichannel media interactions.
  • Linear TV to digital attribution optimization through Zeta’s partnerships with set-top box data providers to connect ad exposure data directly to customer data, offline sales, or online web activity.

“Our long-term investments in our Data Cloud and AI, coupled with new innovations that build on the disruptive force of generative AI, sharpen the ZMP’s differentiation and bring us closer to our vision to make sophisticated marketing simple,” Zeta’s chief technology officer, Chris Monberg, and chief data officer, Neej Gore, said in a joint statement.