Gathr to Accelerate GenAI Innovations

Gathr to Accelerate Gen AI Innovations

The upcoming launch will significantly strengthen Gathr’s existing data engineering clients. 

Gathr Data Inc. unveiled its plan to formally launch a set of Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, significantly expanding the scope and depth of its data-to-outcome platform and strengthening its claim as a data and AI space powerhouse.

As a data-to-outcome platform, Gathr serves leading global enterprises. The upcoming launch will significantly strengthen Gathr’s existing data engineering clients, who have shown interest in building GenAI-powered solutions. Additionally, Gathr aims to break the status quo in the fragmented market of Gen AI tools, offering a simpler, unified approach to building GenAI solutions.

“As CXOs in various industries strive to stay competitive, the adoption of Gen AI has become their top priority. Businesses’ focus has shifted significantly towards leveraging Gen AI to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations. While organizations are keen on embracing this technology, they don’t have the necessary expertise. Hence, the demand for ready-to-use GenAI platforms and infrastructure solutions has surged. We are already talking to many industry leaders who are upbeat about harnessing Gen AI to simplify and optimize data-driven workflows and launch new innovative solutions. At the same time, they are grappling with concerns such as IP and data security, compliances, cost and performance issues, and responsible and ethical usage, among others. In the coming days, we will make some important announcements on how to address most of these challenges and make Gen AI more accessible to startups and enterprises alike,” said Gathr’s CEO, P.C. Kiran.