GlobalMeet Webcast partners with Hive Streaming


The partnership supplements GlobalMeet’s event solutions with access to video performance and experience insights, including employee engagement analytics, from Hive.

GlobalMeet, a virtual event company, has partnered with Hive Streaming to provide companies with tools to secure, control, and optimize internal video communication events. 

“GlobalMeet strives to provide businesses with engaging virtual experiences at every level, and our key partnership with Hive further enhances our customers’ large-scale productions and drives engagement through high-quality video broadcasts,” said GlobalMeet President Michele Dobnikar in a statement. “Great video experiences can make or break a company’s ability to survive, thrive, and gain momentum, and our companies’ combined 35-plus years of experience within the enterprise communication space will ensure the highest quality broadcast possible.”

GlobalMeet Webcast integrates seamlessly with Hive’s video experience products and eCDN solution. Businesses can access analytics and metrics of video performance, viewer experience, and engagement down to an individual level for events of all sizes and types.

“We all know that live video and events play an increasingly important role in the digital workplace. However, it is not always easy to get it right and enhance employee engagement. For GlobalMeet Webcast, corporate events are part of their DNA,” said Johan Ljungberg, CEO of Hive Streaming, in a statement. “We are very excited about our collaboration, which will be a big advantage for customers transforming their enterprise video experience.”