Google’s AI Search Results Are Already Getting Ads

Google’s AI Search Results Are Already Getting Ads

Hold the iron! Google will test ads within AI search summaries. This raises concerns about cluttering results and user experience.

Google only just rolled out AI summaries in search results — and now they’re getting ads. In an update on Tuesday, Google says it will soon start testing search and shopping ads within AI Overviews for users in the US.

In the example shared by Google, the search engine’s AI overview lists a response to the question: “How do I get wrinkles out of clothes?” Beneath the AI-generated suggestions, there’s a new “Sponsored” section with a carousel showing wrinkle spray you can buy from places like Walmart and Instacart.

Google says it will display ads in AI Overviews when “they’re relevant to both the query and the information in the AI Overview.” Advertisers that already run certain campaigns through Google will automatically become eligible to appear in AI Overviews. “As we progress, we’ll continue to test and learn new formats, getting feedback from advertisers and the industry,” Google writes.

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There aren’t any details on when exactly Google will start testing ads in AI Overviews, but it kind of defeats the purpose of using AI to get a quick summary of what you’re looking for. If anything, it looks like it will just clutter that experience even more.