Xactly Launches Salesforce-Native Incentive Solutions

Xactly Launches Salesforce-Native Incentive Solutions

Xactly Reimagines User Experiences with New Generative AI Capabilities at User Conference, Upside.

Xactly, a global leader in intelligent revenue solutions announced two new-to-market solutions. Unveiled at Xactly Upside, the premier revenue performance management conference, the solutions now offer customers one holistic revenue lifecycle solution with the introduction of Xactly Plan Design. With Xactly for CRM, customers can unlock native Salesforce experiences. In addition, all Xactly solutions now include Generative AI capabilities powered by Xactly AI Copilot, allowing customers to further maximize their operations’ efficiency and drive sustainable revenue growth.

Building upon the successful introduction of composable solutions across its Intelligent Revenue Platform, Xactly continues this momentum with Xactly Plan Design, a new solution designed to help customers maximize the return on their go-to-market investments by enabling modeling functions and Xactly’s proprietary benchmarking data to ensure alignment between corporate strategy and incentive compensation plans. The new Salesforce-native experience, Xactly for CRM, is fully integrated with Xactly Incent and allows customers to manage their end-to-end incentive compensation management processes and workflows directly within their Salesforce instance. With the addition of Generative AI across its product portfolio, Xactly enables customers to leverage natural language to conduct data exploration, task automation, and solution configuration workflows, helping save valuable time.

“Our focus is on delivering modernized solutions that meet the evolving market needs,” said Chris Li, SVP of Products at Xactly. “Whether our customers need to seamlessly augment their business processes, desire intuitive interactions with a virtual assistant, or are looking for ways to amplify their organizational impact, our goal is to provide them with the means to enhance their efficiency and overall effectiveness. We’re not just improving our platform but fundamentally reimagining how our customers can unlock their revenue potential.”

Xactly’s new offerings empower users and practitioners to do their jobs more efficiently by incorporating AI-driven features with previously unavailable flexibility.

Xactly Plan Design

Xactly Plan Design is the market’s first solution, which was trained on a proprietary pay and performance benchmark dataset accumulated from Xactly customers over almost two decades. Xactly Plan Design helps organizations design and operationalize the optimal incentive plans that support their corporate and go-to-market strategies. Additional features include:

  • Streamlined Plan and Component Design: Ability to configure plan mechanics in minutes that enables iterative collaboration with all stakeholders.
  • AI-Driven Plan Insights: Contextual benchmarking insights, powered by Xactly AI Copilot, to maximize the effectiveness of the incentive plans.
  • Flexible Scenario Modeling: Integrated roster, capacity, quota and performance modeling to simulate any go-to-market scenario and understand the resulting financial impact.

Xactly for CRM

Xactly for CRM is the only solution offering a robust compensation administration and end-user experience native to Salesforce. The solution’s Sales Performance Incentive Fund (SPIF) Management module is the market’s first purpose-built capability for configuring and managing SPIFs as part of the incentive compensation management (ICM) process. Features include:

  • Robust Salesforce Integration: Completely Salesforce-native experience for orchestrating the extensible end-to-end incentive compensation process with Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce Flows, and Salesforce Analytics to drive overall process efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Governance: Flexible rules-based data orchestration to manage commissionable orders, the assignment of credits, and the management of adjustments, holds, and releases to improve data integrity, data governance, and payment accuracy.
  • Intuitive SPIF Management: Ability to model and administer SPIFs in minutes to drive alignment and focus across the go-to-market team.

“Xactly’s innovation is fueled by our AI-first mindset of harnessing AI’s capabilities to deliver strategic advantages to our customers,” said Arnab Mishra, CEO of Xactly. “Our leading position in the market is solidified by these advancements, as well as our commitment to the security, privacy, reliability, and scalability of our solutions aligned with customer needs.”

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In addition to the new offerings, Xactly announced major enhancements and the infusion of Generative AI into all of its leading solutions:

  • Xactly Incent: Amplifying a new modernized reporting experience through intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities integrated with Xactly AI Copilot, allowing customers to explore their data with natural language to provide better data accessibility and simplify end-to-end reporting.
  • Xactly Extend: A variety of enhancements to the app-building experience were unveiled, including the ability to incorporate a map-based interface and use Xactly AI Copilot to build, publish, and distribute apps using natural language. This will enable customers to build more robust incentive, sales planning, territory, and quota management apps faster.
  • Xactly Forecasting: Adding persona workspaces to include sales and incentive forecasting, pipeline management, and sales coaching workflows and data allows businesses to provide optimized experiences that span the revenue lifecycle.