adds to Conversational Engagement Platform

Through the use of’s Bot Studio and visual journey builder, business users can craft omnichannel bot flows. has added features to its Conversational Engagement Platform to empower businesses to engage in personalized, two-way conversations with customers at scale.

This latest update streamlines and automates customer acquisition, qualification, personalized engagement, remarketing, and customer service. It introduces audience categorization and automated retargeting for leads generated from click-to-chat advertisements and other channels, and ACE LLM into generative AI-driven chat and voice bots.

“The conversational phenomenon has seen a massive boost with the rise of LLMs, and we observe businesses transitioning to two-way interactions, whether for advertising, growth marketing, commerce, or support. Personalization is a crucial component of customer experience, and with the emergence of click-to-chat ads, brands are now building their first-party databases and harnessing them to offer personalized and relevant interactions to their customers,” said Gaurav Kachhawa, Chief Product Officer of, in a statement.

Through the use of’s Bot Studio and visual journey builder, business users can craft omnichannel bot flows. Through AI-powered Agent Assist dashboard, agents can aid consultative selling based on customers’ recent interactions. Now businesses can launch advanced two-way interactive campaigns on channels such as WhatsApp with just a few clicks. With new capabilities in the campaign manager, companies can make any message two-way by simply linking a journey to the template. Additionally, the Campaign Manager now offers an immediate preview of the selected template.

With the Conversational Ads Manager, companies can build their first-party databases and drive higher conversions through remarketing within the same chat window. With this release, businesses can set up rules to automatically nudge leads that didn’t convert earlier. Marketers can send retargeting messages up to 72 hours.

With AI Summarize, Agent Assist can generate short blurbs of chats with the key details so agents can seamlessly continue the conversation. Agents can also leverage the Rephrase and Expand features to improve their responses. Companies will now get insights on the chatbot funnel performance and retargeting campaigns’ effectiveness. Bot analytics now provides businesses with metrics and trends of conversations, messages, number of users, and returning users, along with insights into typical drop-off points.

Subsequent to the launch of ACE LLM, this release brings AI into the no-code journey builder, allowing business users to train bots on their enterprise knowledge bases. With the ability to automatically identify intents and entities, the bot becomes smarter, avoiding needless questions that are already available in customer input.