Integrate launches Data Guardian


Integrate, a provider of B2B precision demand marketing, launched Data Guardian, an enhanced data protection offering for marketing leads.

Data Guardian combines artificial intelligence-powered trust scoring and auditing to offer protection against privacy violations, improve visibility into media partner performance, and optimize spend.

“Data privacy isn’t just a compliance checkbox; it’s the cornerstone of trust in our digital age,” said Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder and CEO of Integrate, in a statement. “Data Guardian provides an extra layer of data protection to safeguard your customers’ information, your brand integrity, and long-term success.”

Data Guardian’s algorithms analyze lead data to assess lead quality and credibility. Lead data undergoes compliance audits to ensure adherence to privacy regulations. These efforts create a paper trail documenting efforts to maintain privacy standards.

Data Guardian offers the following:

  • Direct Media Partner Lead Audit, to ensure content syndication lead compliance.
  • Direct Media Partner Trust and Reliability Scores that benchmark performance standards to ensure the best performance, highest lead quality, and budget optimization.
  • Data Subject Lead Verify to certify that leads are 100 percent marketable and secure another layer of assurance that privacy and compliance regulations are being upheld.